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Sep 22, 2019
Originally posted by @redhat. Edited and making a dedicated thread for users to find.

Hi there,

This is a short tutorial on the proper way to use BBcodes. There are many different ones available for your use and you are able to mix with LIKES or other BBcodes on top to hide, spoiler, etc.

For commands, logs, etc. please use the BB Codes:


If you would rather, you can manually type in front and the end as well by using "[CODE]" at the beginning of the commands, logs, etc, and "[/ CODE]" at the end without the "space".

Now let's say you wish to hide things with the LIKES as well. First make your entry as above, then you can Cut and paste into the LIKES tool.

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If you were just doing something like a quick command in the middle of a sentence, for example root then all you would need to do is put '[I CODE]' at the front of the word, short command, etc. and '[/ ICODE]' at the end without the "space" of course.

Thanks in advance for all your sharings.

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