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    MOI Pro AMD

    you're welcome, this forum is from the company TBS (Moi), but it is not more active than this kkk
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    MOI Pro AMD

    I don't know if I already solved the problem or not but see these links: I've used it with centos7 but I prefer it on ubuntu 18.04 *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view...
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    Download Stb emu 4k dual portal hardcored dns

    Thank you, can you hide the address?
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    Download StbEmu (Pro) v1.2.1.0 (Latest)

    thanks for the version! The portal address can not be hidden? I modified the app and it works fine but I wanted to hide the portal adress, as in v1.2.0.4 does anyone know how to hide? please
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    Download Xtream UI Released old posts!

    sorry men, but this sharing is completely stupid, why not support GTA( with some donation and get the updates right? besides helping a guy who spends hours and hours programming helping us make a better panel than the original xtream!
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    VOD PT and EN

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
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    Announcements: Chat and VIP Membership added

    Is it possible to donate monthly or quarterly? The value is too high to pay a direct year! I really would like to get VIP account and donate to the forum but the current value annually is out of my range :(
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    How Get Direct Movie Links

    it's a good tip, thanks ;) but with this command below I leave you more complete and we can also use “-inurl: php” to avoid the boring index.php files that give us search results, pages that don't matter and we add our well-known movie extensions like mpg, avi, wmv to our search command ;) ***...
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    VOD 2019 MOVIES

    Thank you, man
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    Tutorial LTQ 57 Hard Coded VOD&SERIES FIX

    Thanks for the work Well ... I don't have enough likes! maybe one day!
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    Some stalker themes ico

    Good job, I liked the icons! just missing the TV Series icon (mm_ico_default.png) do you happen to have it?
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    Download XtreamUI Premium Theme

    I would like to test pas for it is not possible :( Hidden text, you need have 30 likes, now you have 20 likes.
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    Request [POLL] VIP Status to remove likes limit for Donatorsor subscribers?

    I was going to buy VIP, but I found it a bit expensive, or so at least 3 months or 6 months, 1 year straight is hard! of course it's worth the price, but ...
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    Download IPTV HOME APK source code (Compatible XC)

    Unfortunately I do not have likes that arrives, I liked to test and modify with Android studio, I have been looking for a long time source code :(
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    Download Xtream Codes 1.60 Autoinstaller Working 100 % on Ubuntu 14 + Tutorial New added

    maybe next time i can download, i don't have likes :(